VBS at the Meadowbrook Apartments

Bright Hope Community Church


Project Access, a non-profit organization that services the communities of Skyline Hills and Paradise Hills, partnered with the Bright Hope Community Church in 2019 to provide healthy lunches to the children that live in the Meadowbrook Apartments on Paradise Valley Road. For three years members of Bright Hope have been serving meals, doing outreach, and meeting the needs of the community while sharing the gospel with the residents who live there.

On August 16 through 18, Bright Hope Community Church used the San Diego Southern Baptist Association Party trailer to host VBS at the Meadowbrook Apartments where 1/3 of the residents that live there are of the Muslim faith. The 2022 VBS theme was “Sharing God’s Love” and for three days the Bright Hope staff loved on the community. The focus on day #1 was “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” from Psalm 139:14. The day #2 focus was “You are the apple of God’s eye” from Psalm 17:8. The day #3 focus was “You are blessed to be a blessing” from Genesis 12:2.

 There were 30 kids that pre-registered for the week, but many more showed up and had a great time. There were several young Muslim children that participated all three days and enjoyed the event. Each song and lesson was centered on the gospel and presented Christ in a way that was loving, biblical, logical, and reasonable for a young child to understand. At the end of the week, they didn’t want to stop and stated, “We are sad that we have to end.”  An open invitation was extended to both the children and the staff workers at the Meadowbrook apartments to walk across the street to the Bright Hope Community Church and join in what God is doing in the community.