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Can People Be “Good Without God”? Yes and No

For the Christian, the question is a bit more complicated than it seems on the surface but can provide avenues for apologetic and evangelistic conversations. Read More » The post Can People … more

5 Problems That Have Improved for Pastors This Summer

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, pastors have been able to effectively adjust to some problems so that they are no longer as pressing. Read More » The post 5 Problems That Have Improved … more

5 Trends of Proactive Small Groups in the COVID Era

Leaders from all size churches are moving forward in group ministry. They’ve chosen to be proactive pioneers, not paralyzed procrastinators. Read More » The post 5 Trends of Proactive … more

A Pastor’s Ultimate Accountability

We are responsible for the souls of God’s people on behalf of Jesus. Hence, it is Jesus alone who will evaluate and determine our faithfulness to this task he has given us. Read More » The … more

6 Dangerous Social Media Habits for Pastors to Avoid

Today there are many ways for pastors to disqualify—or at least embarrass—themselves, but few are as easy and fatal as social media. Read More » The post 6 Dangerous Social Media Habits … more

4 Ways to Approach Missions in a Pandemic

If the Great Commission is still the mandate of the church, we must learn to participate in God’s mission in new ways and with new methods. … more

How Long Should a Pastor Who Commits Adultery Withdraw From Ministry?

When a pastor commits adultery, most of their fellow pastors believe they should withdraw from public ministry for at least some time, according to LifeWay Research. Read More » The post How … more

Feeling Called to a New Ministry Assignment? Take These 3 Steps

Don't limp across the finish line without your family. Running with them, not from them, will pave the way for a fruitful, faithful ministry. Read More » The post Feeling Called to a New … more

What’s Fueling the Divisions in Your Church?

Many factors no doubt play a role in the problem, but one statistic may underscore a significant contributor to the current divide in your church. Read More » The post What’s Fueling the … more

3 Needs Student Ministers Have of Their Senior Pastors

The key to becoming a great minister is a lifelong journey. There’s a sacred trust to the continuation and training of youth pastors and young pastors. Read More » The post 3 Needs Student … more

5 COVID-19 Problems That Worsened for Pastors This Summer

As the nation confronts a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, several issues have become problematic for more churches since spring, according to LifeWay Research. Read More » The post 5 … more

5 Lessons COVID-19 is Teaching Us About Sunday School

Doing business as usual when groups come back to the church will mean we’ve missed out on reorienting the Sunday School and its groups.  … more

3 Essentials for Reaching the College Campus Amid Cultural Tensions

Current cultural hurdles and COVID restrictions seem daunting, but they present opportunities to prioritize things normally overlooked—or worse, ignored. Read More » The post 3 Essentials … more

5 Dreaded Sermon Topics—and Tips for Handling Them Gracefully

It’s not that we don’t like the text or don’t know or agree with what the Bible says. The problem for most of us is that these can be divisive issues. Read More » The post 5 Dreaded … more

6 Truths to Remember Before You Give Up on Your Church

Even when it’s grueling, the local church is our calling. Here are six encouragements to stay the course in God’s plan for His people. Read More » The post 6 Truths to Remember Before … more

3 Apologetic Approaches to Reach the Next Generation

Traditional apologetics involves intellectual arguments for evidence of God’s existence. But not all objections to Christianity are about its reality. Read More » The post 3 Apologetic … more

5 Biggest Concerns Pastors Have Right Now

In the latest survey, LifeWay Research identified the areas in which Protestant pastors are most likely to say they could use some support. Read More » The post 5 Biggest Concerns Pastors … more

3 Ministry Lessons from a Pastor’s Personal Trauma

2020 feels like a long nightmare we’re hoping to wake from. The despair of trauma has been a familiar companion. But here's where God is showing strong. Read More » The post 3 Ministry … more

5 Steps to Reconnecting Your Church Through Groups

COVID-19 has forced churches to re-examine discipleship paths and the role of groups in them. How do we now move forward with groups as a priority?  … more

Are You Exploiting Your Church?

The church doesn’t exist for the pastor. She exists to make the wisdom of God manifest in the world. A pastor can’t exalt God while making much of himself.  … more
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