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6 Truths to Remember Before You Give Up on Your Church

Even when it’s grueling, the local church is our calling. Here are six encouragements to stay the course in God’s plan for His people. Read More » The post 6 Truths to Remember Before … more

3 Apologetic Approaches to Reach the Next Generation

Traditional apologetics involves intellectual arguments for evidence of God’s existence. But not all objections to Christianity are about its reality. Read More » The post 3 Apologetic … more

5 Biggest Concerns Pastors Have Right Now

In the latest survey, LifeWay Research identified the areas in which Protestant pastors are most likely to say they could use some support. Read More » The post 5 Biggest Concerns Pastors … more

3 Ministry Lessons from a Pastor’s Personal Trauma

2020 feels like a long nightmare we’re hoping to wake from. The despair of trauma has been a familiar companion. But here's where God is showing strong. Read More » The post 3 Ministry … more

5 Steps to Reconnecting Your Church Through Groups

COVID-19 has forced churches to re-examine discipleship paths and the role of groups in them. How do we now move forward with groups as a priority?  … more

Are You Exploiting Your Church?

The church doesn’t exist for the pastor. She exists to make the wisdom of God manifest in the world. A pastor can’t exalt God while making much of himself.  … more

3 Ideas for Growing Your Church During a Pandemic

As your church deals with the challenges of a pandemic, realize that this is a unique opportunity to eternally impact lonely, afraid, and confused people. Read More » The post 3 Ideas for … more

4 Reasons Pastoral Soul Care Is a Ministry Strategy

At this point in the pandemic, pastors are weary. The real underlying challenge is ministry fatigue, which can be mitigated by consistent soul care.  Read More » The post 4 Reasons Pastoral … more

3 Ways Your ‘Church Hurt’ Isn’t Being Wasted

It's comforting to know we're not alone in suffering pain as pastors, but let's be honest: Knowing every pastor on earth has hurt doesn't make it hurt less. Read More » The post 3 Ways Your … more

Who’s Really Discipling Your Congregation?

The Church has a discipleship problem—not a lack of discipleship but a glut of it coming from wrong sources without being filtered through the right source. Read More » The post Who’s … more

Churchgoers Read the Bible With Both Confidence and Confusion

Most churchgoers say they can address doubts others have about the Bible, but half admit they have problems understanding Scripture on their own. Read More » The post Churchgoers Read the … more

5 Principles for Effective Sermon Consumption

Letting the sound waves of a preacher’s voice enter your ear canal falls short of not only what could be enjoyed, but what should be expected. Read More » The post 5 Principles for … more

2 Characteristics Church Leaders Must Display During Cultural Crises

The Church doesn't always have immediate answers to hard questions facing our culture, but biblical wisdom and grace can help us lead during these times.  … more

Diagnosing Your Church’s Discipleship Problem

Our circumstances invite the church to embody the depth and substance of the Christian faith, not a shallow spirituality that appeals to the masses. Read More » The post Diagnosing Your … more

Your Greatest Ministry Saboteur

From time to time, pastors and their ministry will be undermined. But the greatest enemy to your ministry is not other people who are out to get you.  Read More » The post Your Greatest … more

What Compels People to Join Small Groups?

LifeWay Research conducted a study among churchgoers to understand more about their participation in groups and why they attend.  Read More » The post What Compels People to Join Small … more

Study: Churches Gathering Again But With Precautions

Churches are gathering again, but services and programs remain drastically different from the beginning of the year, according to LifeWay Research. Read More » The post Study: Churches … more

5 Sight Lines for a Better View of Acts

As we study and teach the book of Acts, these five sight lines will go a long way in helping us view the panoramic picture of the church Luke has recorded. Read More » The post 5 Sight Lines … more

What Should Churches Do Now that COVID-19 Is Spiking Again?

No matter where your church falls along the reopening continuum, we should continually seek up-to-date information to humbly integrate into decision making. Read More » The post What Should … more

5 Strategies for Training People to Listen to Sermons

Listening goes beyond sound waves penetrating the ear drum. Distractions are harmful, preparation is necessary, and hearing is a spiritual responsibility.  … more
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