Quest Church Reaches Thousands on Easter


Quest Church San Diego celebrated its largest Easter ever, welcoming 2,200 people over Easter weekend attendance across multiple services and outreaches. The church's outreach efforts were successful thanks to the hard work of over 300 volunteers who served at various events, including an outdoor Good Friday service with communion, an Easter Carnival with food trucks, an egg hunt, carnival rides, a petting zoo, pony rides, and live music, as well as an Easter Sunday worship service that celebrated nine baptisms.

The Good Friday service, held by the fireside, created a warm and inviting atmosphere to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, while the Easter Carnival provided a fun and festive way for families to celebrate the holiday together. Easter Sunday was celebrated on the church’s outdoor field with breakfast, a message of hope, and family activities. With the help of the volunteers, the church was able to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who attended.

Not only were these events fun, but Quest Church intentionally focused on integrating the gospel into every interaction. All guests received a Bible and gospel track that explained the true meaning of Easter. Additionally, children experienced an immersive egg hunt that taught them about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Throughout the weekend, families and children were introduced to Christ, prayed for, and invited to follow Jesus and participate in the church’s ministries.

In addition to the volunteers, Quest Church also partnered with the San Diego Southern Baptist Association to enhance their outreach resources and community impact. This partnership allowed the church to reach a wider audience and provide more opportunities for community engagement. Through this collaboration, Quest Church was able to share the love of Christ with more people and make a greater impact in the San Diego community.

Overall, Quest Church's Easter outreach efforts were a great success, and the church was able to reach thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ during the holiday weekend. The dedication of the volunteers and the support of the San Diego Southern Baptist Association made it all possible. Quest Church looks forward to continuing to serve needs and cultivate a gospel witness in the community in the future.