Ordination of Dr. Scott P. Bayer


On Friday, February 3, 2023, New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California, ordained Dr. Scott P. Bayer to the ministry of Christ. After providing a theological paper and standing before a theological pre-council, Dr. Bayer gathered with eleven ordained ministers from North County, including Dr. Hal Seed, Dr. Bing Bayer, Dr. Mike Carlisle, Dr. Robin Hadaway, Dr. Mike Mason, Rev. Jack Rickman, Rev. Roger VanDerWerken, Rev. Richard Phillips, Chaplain Roy Fondren, Chaplain Fred Holcombe, and Chaplain Jeremy Selitto to answer questions about his theology and life.

In attendance at the council were Scott's wife, Amy Seed Bayer, his son, Luke Bayer, his mother, Sherrie Bayer, and about 30 members of the New Song community. The council took three hours and included questions about the nine doctrines of theology: Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Angelology, Christology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

After the questioning concluded, the council unanimously approved Dr. Scott P. Bayer for ordination. They concluded by praying for Scott, his family, and his ministry. Scott's official ordination service will take place at New Song Community Church at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, March 18.  All are invited to attend. For more information, call New Song at 760.560.5000.