‘Lord, We Didn’t Want To Be In the News. Not for This’

TX Pastor Prays After Large COVID-19 Outbreak


UPDATED July 13, 2021: For a second straight week, Clear Creek Community Church in Texas was forced to hold worship services online due to a large COVID-19 outbreak that originated from its church camp.

It is unclear how many more individuals have been infected outside of the initial report of 125 from the camp who tested positive. Pastor Bruce Wesley confirmed in a statement last week that the church is facing a second wave of positive cases. According to reports, some of the infected cases have tested positive for the COVID-19 Delta variant. There were over 450 campers attending Clear Creek Community Church’s camp in June.

In its online worship service this past Sunday, Pastor Wesley prayed for all those who have suffered through the church’s outbreak. “Lord, we didn’t want to be in the news. Not for this. I mean, maybe for serving generously or for some extreme generosity…but not this,” Wesley prayed. “We ask for your mercy. We ask for your healing for all of those who became sick with this virus and for their families who’ve been caring for them as well. We pray for complete recovery so that people don’t have any lingering effects and we pray that there would be a stop…you would be a stop to the spread of this virus.”

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