King's Cross Church



Last Sunday night was the last session in this season of Life Explored.  One of the participants that has attended the last three weeks, said it best, “We just started coming and now it is over!”  Looking in the eyes of all the LE leaders I could see some weariness, but also a desire to keep these conversations going.  These wonderful leaders are planning to meet up with LE participants for coffee, or to play DnD, or to have a lasagna meal together in an effort to keep the conversation going with the hope that all will come to a faith in Jesus and grow in their faith.

But wait there's more.  One attendee was taking notes and asking questions as they grew up in a different faith that required specific works to enter the highest and best realm of an afterlife.  They were deeply moved by the Good News that faith and faith alone provides assurance in accessing heaven. Continue to pray for all the participants of Season Two that “He (Christ) who began a good work in them will carry it to completion” Philippians 1:6

But wait there’s (still) more. The leaders suggested that we hold a BBQ and stay connected through the summer and a large number of participants are excited to stay connected.  Church Family, pray! 

Here’s a bit of Wayne’s (one of the leaders of LE) testimony this past season: “For me LE has reignited my love for my Savior. It’s also been humbling, and shown how powerful the battle is over the lost.  The only way to stay in this battle and be successful is to kneel before the Lord and pray.” 

So Church Fam, let’s be committed to praying! Daily, weekly, monthly…all the time, let’s pray! 

Pray: Continue to Pray for:

  • For those still seeking to take that step of faith and accept Christ’s free gift.
  • Increased funding for Season 3 of LE.
  • More LE leaders 
  • Location to host Season 3. 
  • Clarity on how to expand LE and engage in topics that we have not yet addressed.

1 Thess. 5:16-18  Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Topic Discussed: Finding a Home

People are looking for a sense of belonging.  Sierra shared a story about home and relationships. 

  • Reading Revelations 21 a picture was painted of a world where there is no suffering, pain, or tears. 
  • The Gospel was presented in a very simple and honest way. And we invited people to accept the Gospel. 
  • Group discussion
    • What would a haven with no pain, sadness or crying be like?
    • Have you ever done something that you felt guilty about or still hold guilt over?
    • If your wrong actions could be wiped clean by Jesus and He accepted the punishment for your action how would you respond?
    • You only need to admit you are in the wrong, accept the fact that you want to follow Jesus, and ask for forgiveness.   

Thank You: King’s Cross Family, thank you for praying, supporting, attending and inviting others to join you. It has meant the world to know YOU were there every step of the way. These updates only tell part of the story, God’s not done using our church to reach those looking for the meaning of life, and a faith in a powerful and loving Savior.