First Easter Service at Doxa Church in National City


It’s early on Easter Sunday, April 9th, 2023. The sun is bright, and the morning is cool and crisp. Volunteers arrive at Sweetwater High School, where the church meets at 10:00 AM. The set-up team drive trucks pulling trailers containing signage, children’s church furniture, and much more -- converting space in a rented school facility for a church service is no easy task.

Even before the auditorium is set up, signage must be on the street to point attendees to the parking lot. The Doxa Church setup team is on point-- placing signs on the sidewalk and the road, making it easy to find parking, the children’s area, and the auditorium where the church service will be held.

Senior Pastor Matt Thibault

Pastor Matt Thibault, who grew up in Montana, oversees the launching of the new Doxa Church. The name Doxa is taken from the Greek New Testament and is a word that means “Glory.” At the very beginning of his Easter message (Click to watch the message)- Pastor Matt explains the name Doxa and reminds the congregation that the purpose of the church is to bring glory to God.

Pastor Matt and his wife, Trina, have three children and live in National City, where the church meets. Here is a word from the Pastor.

“Hi, my name is Matt Thibault, and I love being a Christian! It has been my privilege to give the last twelve years of my life to the two things that will endure—the Word of God and people’s souls. I love to spend time with people and am a disciple-maker at my core. My passion for teaching is rooted in wanting to make God’s Word clear to see lives transformed."

Pastor Matt is an experienced pastor-teacher with degrees in civil engineering from Montana State University, a Master of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary, and a Doctorate in Educational Ministry from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky.

Welcome team

Crucial for any church is a welcome team to warmly greet everyone and share information about the morning service, children’s activities, coffee, and much more. Doxa’s welcome team, Kaitlin and Meghan (see picture), stand by a canopy labeled The Hub; coffee and refreshments are available.

Worship Team

The five-member worship team provides a beautiful worship experience with music and singing that inspires the congregation and prepares them to hear a life-changing message from scripture.

Doxa Church members are part of something brand new and exciting. They are founders of a church that will likely outlive them and provide encouragement and soul refreshment for all who attend now and in years to come. Congratulations to Doxa Church leaders and members. You are making a difference in National City and beyond.

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