Compass Church Block Party


The week before Easter we mailed out about 16,000 mailers to the neighborhoods surrounding our church. On the mailer we invited people to attend our Easter Service as well as our Compass Block Party (as a follow-up event). Right after our Sunday Service, we hosted the Block Party on the Elementary school property where we meet Sunday mornings. The pizza, bounce house, snow cones, lawn games, cotton candy, and popcorn made it a popular place to be. We saw about 60 people come through and we received contact information from some new people. We plan on following up with them over lunch or coffee where we can share more of our testimony and share the gospel. The non-believers who have been coming to our church recently had great spiritual conversations with staff and church members at this Block Party.

Everyone stayed for a few hours, longer than we were expecting, interacting with each other. A young woman, who is a new believer invited her parents from Mexico to join for church and the block party. They seemed to enjoy it and were sentimental as they left, assured this was the community their daughter was part of. One of the young members in our church was able to share his story of defeating addictions and vices from his past with a newer college student, which seemed to bring hope into his battle.

Two new people separately mentioned how great it was to see college students and young adults serving families and children. This made an impact on them to see young people exploring faith and in church. Compass is intentionally planted right next to San Diego State University, reaching students, internationals, young professionals, families, and long-time community members.