Churchgoers Working on Sunday Could Spark Outreach Opportunities for Churches


The Church of Eleven22 didn’t plan on having a worship service on a different day, but they were meeting in another church’s building at the time and outgrew all of their Sunday morning options.

“Because of other things happening at the church at the time, Thursday night was the only option available,” said Joby Martin, lead pastor of the Jacksonville, Florida-area church. “It was an accident, but God breathed on it like crazy.”

Having worship services at other times may provide opportunities for growth for other congregations, as 1 in 4 U.S. Protestant churchgoers with a job say they have to work on Sunday mornings at least once a month, according to Lifeway Research.

“When a local body of believers cannot all meet together, it is missing out on its purpose,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research. “While a traditional Sunday morning meeting time works for most, it isn’t possible for all to attend.”

Easy like Sunday morning?

The study from the Nashville-based evangelical research firm found most churchgoers aren’t faced with a job preventing them from gathering with their church on Sunday mornings. Two in 5 (41%) say their job never requires them to work on Sunday, and another 36% say they do not have a job.

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