What a week at New Song Community Church!


We hosted our 20th annual Kids Camp July 12-16, 2021.  We enjoyed a record number of in attendance and salvations with 327 and 86, respectively.  God is good!

We offered 10 different activity tracks based on age/grade for our elementary kids 1st through 6th grade.  Kids chose one 1 hour activity with options including; American Warrior, Art, Crafts, Sports, Gymnastics, Karate, Dance, Drums, and Play Kingdom.  Our kid driven worship, Scream Team, brought the music and moves we’ve come to enjoy more than anything!

This year we shared the Gospel in 3 different ways, first from the stage in a large group setting through sand art. The sand art gospel was prepared and presented by Eternity Changers Ministry.  It walked kids through the story of God’s plan for a relationship with them. They were taken on a journey as they learned who their Creator is, what sin does, the only One who can rescue them, and what our life looks like when we live in a healed relationship with God.  Using 5 Key gospel truths and verses the images came to life as the story unfolded through sand.  Next, in small groups, our kids used the Navigators One Verse Evangelism and finally the ABC’s of Salvation.  Using different methods in different settings helps us reach more kids in accordance with how they learn.  In addition, we provided tools including a “be the light” bracelet as a reminder and a means to share the story of Jesus with others.  Ultimately, 86 kids said “yes” to choosing Jesus to be their forever friend!

We also ran a preschool-kindergarten program that enjoyed remarkable music, teaching, memory verses, arts and crafts, music, games and some outdoor time, we call “recess” with bounce houses, bubbles and chalk.  Kids in this age range have remarkable capacity to remember verses and lyrics to worship.  We find families that start their kids in summer programs like ours remain committed until they age out.