Wes Coddington



I can’t think of a more descriptive adjective to explain my feelings when I read Karen Coddington’s short paragraph announcing the battle of her husband, Wes, against cancer.

(Father’s Day, June 20th) At 5:41 this morning, Wes took his last breath. Dakota, Kadin, Grace, and I were all around him during this time. We are thankful for the many years we were given to be together. Thank you all for your prayers and love. We will not make any arrangements until Kasey returns at the end of the month.

Happy Father’s Day! Wes, you are loved and will be missed greatly, but we will see you again – no more pain, no more suffering, and we praise God for that!

Wes was a gift to all who knew him. He was vibrant with faith in Christ, enthusiastic about God’s call as a minister, and his role as a husband and father. In short, Wes was a man that I enjoyed being in his presence. He was an optimist – saw possibilities in all of life’s challenges.

Wes leaves a legacy to his wife Karen and his three children, who now reside in Idaho.

I look forward to seeing Wes in heaven – I have a son in heaven about the same age; I hope they enjoy the new vistas available to them in heaven. My heart aches with the pain of loss but rejoices in what waits for all who follow Christ throughout eternity.