My wife Lorna and I started the Cruise Ship Ministry in 2017. We have a unique opportunity to meet and minister with Crew members from around the world (from England, Netherlands, Spain, Serbia, South Africa, Jamaica, St. John, Indonesia, Nepal, Mexico, China, Scotland, India, Poland, Brazil, Moldova, Romania, El Salvador, Russia, Colombia, Ukraine, Honduras, and the Philippines.)

 Our mission is to minister to the physical and emotional needs of the crew members who are away from their families for about 6-9 months and build relationships to share the gospel.

With their limited hours of shore leave upon arrival at the Port of San Diego, we offer free transportation as they run errands such as the following:

  • going to the bank or remittance center to wire money to family members
  • going to department stores to buy personal necessities such as shoes, clothing, and toiletries
  • sending cargo boxes filled with a variety of food, clothing, shoes, and other items to family members back home
  • going to local Filipino restaurants to satisfy their craving for Filipino dishes
  • going to the airport to catch a flight for their new cruise ship assignment

 Apart from providing them with free transportation, we also host meals in our house as their schedule permits for a time of fellowship.  This is a special time for them as they can also use our fast internet service and they can contact their family members quickly and talk to them longer than when they are on the ship where the internet service is slow and expensive. Also, this is an opportunity for us to know them better, their work, and their family and pray for them. Last December 23, 2022, we hosted the 1st Cruise Ship Crew Ministry Christmas Barbecue Fellowship in our house, which they greatly appreciate because at least they get to spend Christmas with us as their family, away from home.    

Also, as guest chaplains on some cruise ships, Lorna and I can go on board and distribute Christian materials. While on board, we get to pray with them, provide some marriage counseling, and encourage those who are homesick and have family members with severe medical illnesses or significant family problems.

These crew members are amazed at the kindness shown to them, which we have witnessed lead to repentance.   

We’ve already ministered to hundreds of crew members and have three hundred fifty-eight (358) professions of faith as of April 02, 2023.

 We do try to continue to connect with as many crew members as possible through social media.  We also encourage them to find a local church after returning home for a short vacation.

Please pray for us as we continue to minister and share the good news of salvation with this unique demographic of people who need the Lord.

As we continue to engage with these crew members all these years, we realize that:

We have a unique God-given opportunity to reach the world at our doorstep with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.