Restarting and Refocusing Women’s Ministries for the New Normal


Like nearly every aspect of church life and ministry, women’s discipleship saw major changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Events were canceled, and small groups went online, even as many women struggled with mounting anxiety and changing dynamics at home and work. And the effects of the challenging season are ongoing. Lifeway’s Kelly King describes the current ministry climate in terms of ice storms and ice ages. 

“I’ve experienced a few ice storms in my life, but they come and go in a few days—even though they can leave a lot of destruction,” said the manager of magazines/devotional publishing and women’s ministry training. “The pandemic has been more of an ice age because we are still coming out of a long season of having things shut down.” 

As ministries do come back, they’re likely to look different than before the pandemic. Smaller discipleship groups may replace many larger gatherings. King also expects leaders will look for ways not just to reach women, but to shepherd them in the lingering difficult season.

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