Mar Vista Church

Trunk or Treat Outreach Event


Mar Vista Baptist Church was blessed to use the block party trailer for its very first Trunk or Treat outreach.  This outreach was part of our revitalization efforts for building up the church and specifically it's children's and youth ministries.  The event was a tremendous success. 

Our team used the bounce house, snow cone machine and popcorn machine as well as some other elements from the block party trailer to assist in our community event.  We saw over 200 people attend our event and distributed gospel tracts and/or church invitations to all of them.  We also got contact information on every family that used the bounce house as we included a section for them to provide email addresses for the bounce house waiver.  Having that contact information greatly assisted our followup efforts after the event. 

Since the event we have been able to launch our children's and youth ministry, and have seen many young people pack out our youth room on Wednesday nights.  We are now, for the first time, looking to hire a Children's director to keep up with the growth in this area.  The event really helped our community get to know our church members and see that we care about the children and families in the community. 

As an added attraction we opened up the recently remodeled youth room for the kids to play in during the outreach event.  That gave us the opportunity to talk to many parents about our new youth and children's ministry. 

Events like this really helped build up the morale in the congregation as they got an opportunity to see so many people in our community reached effectively and with a minimal financial cost.   Mar Vista Baptist is very appreciative for the SDSBA block party trailer and how that resource greatly helped in our revitalization efforts.