Life Explored

King's Cross Church

God is Good and works powerfully through His Scripture. After finishing an almost 2 year stint in the book of Acts at the beginning of this year, King's Cross Church was inspired to be more active in seeking and saving the lost. So, this year we launched an evangelism course called Life Explored!
Life Explored is 7-weeks of talks and discussions regarding spirituality, faith, and life geared toward non-believers. Logistically, God blessed us with good relations with a local coffee shop and bakery in Pacific Beach, who stayed opened Sunday nights to provide us with a space to gather for Life Explored. 
And so, starting back in October, we hosted discussions with a mixture of non-believers and believers on life-giving topics such as the Fulfilling God, the Trustworthy God, and even the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each week we watched a short video exposing something we all idolize in life (success, fulfillment, relationships, etc.) and then presented a speech on how God, as revealed in Scripture, convicts us and meets us in these areas, offering Himself as our true fulfillment, the deepest and most vulnerable relationship, and ultimate life through the conquering of death by Jesus Christ.
In attendance for these discussions were non-believing friends, family, coworkers, nearby yoga instructors, and PB locals. In one instance, we met a guy outside the coffee shop, invited him to Life Explored, and, by the grace of God, he faithfully attended every week for the whole 7-weeks! How crazy is that? A guy we had never met attended all 7 weeks of discussions about God! And by the end of of the 7-weeks, there was even a reporter for the PB Monthly magazine in attendance to write and publish an article on Life Explored! God seriously works in bold and unexpected ways; He is so Good. 
We are so grateful for what God has done through Life Explored. Taking these first steps ito begin this evangelism course certainly came with it’s fair share of stress. As a group one of the things we’ve been dwelling on is how radically insane it is that God would call and use broken, sin-ridden people to partake in His mission of salvation.
Since the fall in Genesis 3, all of us are broken and professional sinners, and yet God still trusts us to go and make disciples; and there’s something so powerful in how much trust God bestows on us. 
Please pray for every person that came to Life Explored, that they might meet Jesus and be saved. Please pray for the leaders' hearts, that we would not rely on ourselves to save people, but wholly rely on the Lord, attuned to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we lead events like this. And please pray for blessings on those who have donated and supported Life Explored. We are so so grateful for those who financially supported King’s Cross to make Life Explored possible; by the grace of God we received another grant to continue these evangelism courses, and we are excited to announce that Life Explored: Season 2 will begin January 16th, 2022!