King's Cross Three Year Anniversary


On Sunday King’s Cross Church celebrated their three year anniversary. The last three years has been challenging for the church. They were evicted from their first meeting space after 7 weeks of launch. Lead pastor Obed Brefo and his family suffered family tragedies and several founding members left within the first year. 2020 was hard for everyone but especially for King’s Cross as the church had to navigate the absence of their lead pastor Obed Brefo who had to quickly leave the US at the beginning of 2020 because of Visa issues.


Through the many challenges King’s Cross has faced in the last three years, God has been faithful. He has provided them with an amazing venue for their Sunday gatherings. The church has been growing. They’ve baptized several members. In October 2020, in the midst of travel bans and limited immigration services, God did a miracle and made it possible for Obed and his family to return to the US. And most importantly, King’s Cross continues to become more of a visible presence in their community and are starting to witness the impact of the gospel in their community.


The last three years have been challenging for King’s Cross but God has been faithful in showcasing his goodness and greatness in and through this church family. He has and continues to do far more than they asked or imagined. They’re more fired up about the mission than ever before. They’re obsessed with making Jesus famous in the PB/La Jolla community and are excited to carry on being a church family on mission with Jesus.