IMB dinner focuses on lostness, ‘world’s greatest problem’


Nearly 2,000 Southern Baptists gathered to share a meal at the IMB dinner in Anaheim and celebrate God’s work through missionary presence among those who have never heard the gospel.

Amid the busy event schedule of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Anaheim, California, nearly 2,000 attendees gathered for the International Mission Board dinner. During the June 13 program, IMB leaders and missionaries reminded the crowd why the SBC exists and how God is at work around the world through IMB missionaries.

The world is riddled with tragedies.

Tens of thousands have died in the war in Ukraine.

More than 63 million unborn children have been aborted in the U.S. since the Roe v. Wade ruling.

This week, convention messengers will be asked to respond to the problem of sexual abuse.

Still, none of these are the greatest problem in the world.

“I contend that the world’s greatest problem can be communicated in a single word: LOSTNESS,” Chitwood said.

God’s solution to this problem of lostness is the gospel. And “the IMB exists because 7,000 people groups remain unreached with this good news, and 3,000 of those unreached people groups are yet unengaged,” Chitwood continued.

“We know the solution to their greatest problem, and we’re sending missionaries to tell them,” he added.

Lostness looks different everywhere

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