How to Win Back the New Church Dropout


In addition to praying for God to move in their hearts, there are several practical steps that churches can take to win back COVID dropouts.

For many previous churchgoers, the pandemic mirrored going off to college. It disrupted previously established habits and led some to stop attending church services. A few decided to leave, but most just simply drifted away.

And not all churchgoing teenagers who stop attending as young adults stay gone. Some return and are as involved in the church as much or more than they were previously. God is drawing them back, but God is also working through local congregations and other means to help those missing to return. The same can be true for those who have taken a COVID-break from churchgoing.

Winning back COVID dropouts

In addition to praying for God to move in their hearts, there are several practical steps that churches can take in an effort to win back COVID dropouts, including directly reaching out and providing easy “on-ramps” for people to rejoin.

One step that may be surprising is to continue offering online and video for your worship services or sermons. More than 1 in 7 Americans watched a church service online during the pandemic who do not normally attend church. In many ways, the online worship service has become the new front door to your church.

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