Her Pandemic Prayers Went Viral

Jen Pollock Michel’s call to the church to cry out to God during COVID-19 has traveled around the world.


Jen Pollock Michel wrote “20 Prayers to Pray During This Pandemic” for Christianity Today in March, while being quarantined for two weeks at her home in Toronto, Ontario.

“I felt powerless in the first weeks of the pandemic,” she said. “All of a sudden we’re all at home. It was a moment of testing. It’s easy to face doubts and wonder if prayer goes any further than the ceiling.”

The piece came after friends in a WhatsApp group began sharing prayer requests in the chat.

“I thought, ‘I’m a writer. I could share these,’” she said.

The article was in Google’s top search results for “prayers for coronavirus” or variations of that phrase for months. Through July, it’s been read by 850,000 people and has been published in eight languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Indonesian.


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