Centro Shalom

July 2020 Church Update

Shalom my brothers and sisters!

As pastor of Centro Shalom I want to personally give my sincerest and greatest thanks to each and every one of you for your priceless trust in us. With your financial help we serve dozens of families living in extreme poverty here in Tijuana. Your generosity has allowed us to be able to consistently take donations of food and other essential items to our most needy families each week during this pandemic. Thanks to you, these families have been so very blessed to have their most basic needs met.
These past 4 months have been very difficult for all of us- there is no doubt about that. But for our brothers and sisters in Tijuana, these months have been absolutely devastating in many ways- especially economically. I cannot think of a single family at Centro Shalom that has the savings to be able to live for 4 weeks without an income, much less to survive for 4 months without work.
Most of you know that our Centro Shalom families and children live in very small homes that do not have space outside for the kids to run or play. The schools were not just places for learning, but also places where the kids could move around and get away from the physical and verbal abuse that many of them suffer at home. For our 43 Manna kids, Centro Shalom was truly a place of peace for them, an oasis where they had love, acceptance, care, motivation, and so much more.
Even in these very strange and different times that we are living in, please continue to support us at Centro Shalom. We have to stay above our circumstances showing love and empathy to our brothers and sisters with the greatest needs.
Thank you for doing your part and for allowing us at Centro Shalom to keep doing the work the Lord has called us to do- sharing the Gospel and loving and caring for the people of our community! God is always faithful, even in the most difficult times! May God bless you all!