Building a Home in Tijuana


Mission Trails Church has had the privilege of building homes in Tijuana and Rosarito for 9 of the last 10 years.  Amor Ministries ( has been serving the poor in Mexico since 1980 by building homes for families recommended by local Mexican pastors.  

We love this ministry because in essence, our local church gets to support and platform the ministry of another local church south of the border as they serve the poor in their community.  The families receiving a home must own the land so that once the home is gifted to them, no one can take it away.  Our trip costs pay for building materials, all our meals and tools, and support the Amor staff as they serve the poor.  So, each year we take a team of around 15 people (including kids), spend three days, build a very simple (but weatherproof) home, have a great time together, and learn so much from the Lord, from each other, from the Amor staff in Mexico, and from the families we serve.  

This year we built a home for the Castillo family.  They had been waiting for a home for 18 months, and had given up hope that it would happen because of the COVID pandemic.  We were just the second team to build with Amor in the last 15 months, but we hope and pray it will multiply going forward.  We can’t wait to go again!