Most pastors are struggling with the regathering process because we are clearly in a time where strategic wisdom is required. First of all, I personally believe the enemy of the church is trying to steal, kill, and destroy, as Jesus described in the Gospel of John. He has taken the offense using ways to STEAL unity within the church, KILL our corporate worship experience, and DESTROY our corporate gathering.

I believe the government has overreached. I question if the County Sheriff will enforce any of the no singing mandates, it is going to be challenged in the courts as unconstitutional. But regardless read on…


We are dealing with risk management strategy. Life is a risk, getting out of bed is a risk, driving our car is a risk, we are rarely in a place where we live without some level of risk. But, some government leaders are acting as though we cannot decide for ourselves what level of risk we are willing to accept for our lives. We have moved from “flattening the curve” to trying to eliminate risk – which is not possible. Something is wrong when the intended direction has been changed from flattening to no risk.

We, as church leaders, have the choice to accept whatever level of risk with which we are comfortable -- the real problem is that our congregation may have different ideas. So if we regather, sing, wear face coverings and physical distance ourselves – some will be okay, others maybe not. So, again, this is a potential divisive issue. No pastor wants to be an enforcer to “make” people obey the order/suggestions of government leaders – but that’s the position we are in. Don’t like it!

Our best way forward is to be transparent – let people know we are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe, young and old alike. But, anyone that is uncomfortable with the risk level of regathering, singing, and worshipping together should continue to join the digital streaming service instead of live.

We are going to get through this, but, I believe it is time for warfare prayer against how the enemy is trying to pin us to the mat and potentially create dissension within our congregations.

We are praying for you, and all of our pastors who must share in this risk management discussion – God is still on His throne and we are not going to let this divide us in any way. We simply need to do everything we can to keep everyone safe, young and old alike, but, in the end, everyone must choose for themselves, and their family, what they are most comfortable doing, digital or live.