10 Ways to Bless Your Pastors This Month


October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and it’s hitting me a little differently this year. A few weeks ago, I transitioned to a new season of ministry as the associational mission strategist of the Collin Baptist Association in Texas. After 21 years of serving in some role as a pastor, I’m no longer in a church staff position. This year, I get to give gifts––not receive them. And I love it!

As I thought about what to give my pastors where I’m a member, First Baptist Church, Farmersville, Texas, I thought I’d write this article for fellow everyday church members to help us make this Pastor Appreciation Month one to remember. So, let’s go; here are 10 ways to bless your pastors and ministers this October. 

1. Pound them … with affirmation.

When I saw “Pounding the Pastor” in a bulletin once, my heart skipped a beat. I quickly discovered it meant the church would be gathering up food and essential items for their new pastor—not beating him up. 

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